domingo, 20 de mayo de 2012

The becoming World at the between of the coming War that has to become.

A play at the Odin Teatret.

 It was and old intuition but just lets say that we are making theater and all the world is joining the same play tonight...sorry? the name of the piece?, oh yes I forgot it! :

"The becoming World at the between of the coming War that has to become"
Here you have the Plot:

Brigitte a journalist citizen of Copenhagen find a piece written in spanish at Helsingor whos characters are acting in the old-all booming society of 2012, they are making effort to fight against the chilli out the human conceptions of the time and trying to put pleasure at the place where has to be and tu pull it out of the benefit of the personal interests.

Characters fo the Play.

Jorge Soros, Lord and holly priest of the Harpagon religion.

Medeveded Poquin, a speaking statue that is hidden inside the fourth of the worship who can only say the truth.

Arquimeda Kirchner, wife and lover of the king and the only confident of Medeveded Poquin.

Asia Alfutu, lider of the neophytes in the Inter-Alpha society.

Indafika, best friend and old busniess partner of Asia Alfutu.

Lyndon Larouche, an old dumb man who knows the end of the play and is in search of their past lovers to be understood by the audience.

So ladies and gentlemen here we have:  "The becoming World...!"
Coming soon, very soon! 

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