sábado, 6 de octubre de 2012

The lost Island.

The lost island has been found and now the place where Odysseus anchored in his unnailed boat after the Trojan war has been populated. People called this Island Malta, the place of the older temples on the World and the land of the ever renewed winds that came for everywhere, even from the nowhere, because time to time here from the part that nobody expected and when nobody expects nothing, suddenly here in Malta some act or some-thing arrives in the shores of this once lost Island; the day of the last happening was  on October the fifth.
Yes, me I was yesterday here in Il-Belt,  the old capital and like any other normal worker, I was starting to do my performing street work, but suddenly some lights arrived to my accordion, and two feet with a voice a blue shirt and a star on it told me:
-"Sir, for security reason you can not perform here, go to St. John's square"
-Ok. (I say)
So I changed my direction and just starting to turn me backwards I heard a familiar tumult of voices who in that far-ward where saying:
-"Que no, que no, que nos representan, que no, que no, que no nos representan ! "
So I say, "this is actually the place! and I went there finding that some of the Europeans and Magreb leaders where holding a meeting in the Parliament of the Island of Malta. So because of that happening and because I love the happens I proposed to all the Spanish people who where there waiting for Rajoy a song to  welcome him and we re-composed the lyrics of the " Cielito lindo" like this:  
-Ay , ay ay ay, canta y no robes porque cantando se alegran cielito lindo los corazones !
I did no write the first two verses of it but this song my dear reader is very truth, not just because it was directly recorded for the national T.V. of Malta, but also because in this Old Island of the knights, the Europeans masters where trying to hidden themselves for make an oligarchical trade, but they have forgotten something, that the lost Island has been found, and now no human can hold the will of society, because if  once upon a time Odysseus could beat the vagaries of Calypso, yesterday here in the same "lost" Island we were more than one single people trying to liberate ourselves of this old and oligarchical World.

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