sábado, 6 de octubre de 2012

Why I am now miopyc.

There should be a reason to be miopyc, since sickness are not happening without reason I infer that in my case  I become miopyc because I spent alot of my energy trying to see the become of the far away future, the becoming of the movements of the today's society, the becoming of this new age that is supposed to happened. This could be a reason of the miopyc symptom of our time, but maybe not all the miopyc people have the interest to look forward of their own time, so there should be another reason. I suspect so that I get miopyc because the use of the computer, because of the light at the night that cause me to be with this low capacity to see at long distances, even that fact I say that now after twenty two years old I am more able to see the future with the eye of my soul that with my censorial eye that I trained since I was child. Just to say something in order to proved that, I will writhe here that brother, Alfredo, is studying mechatronics and after continues training of his eyes on the screen his vision is still able to perceived the long distances.
So I say myself, for every fact that arrived in life there is a solution that has to become the next challenge to be resolve, for me was this miopyc symptom and the fact of loosening my glasses during a love encounter, a great  love meeting in Siena that I still have in mind, (because I considering this best mistake of the life allowed to acomplisehd better to be hold that to be forgotten, despite of the fact that all my compromise of love is now with the beuaty of the complet eyes of Camilla) so I think that maybe my illness could be the solution by itself, that is to say that  perhaps this strange medicine that I discovered could work for everyone, but I think that this has to be taken in consideration, because the medicament  just could become effective with the persistent of his practice, this means consistency doses of madness, and the daily trying on it, so if you want to be cure by  your own illness you have even to practice on it, no matter either wich possible way has to become.
I say that because my miopyc illness could be also my incapacity to perceived the future from this present moment of my life, to perceived what is beyond two days after this first one, because in this moment I am not able to see what will be in the next two days in the long of the future, so I supposed that is because of that that I can not see from long distances in the physical space. It is well know that every action of the spirit correspond a reaction on the body, so I think that my miopyc has a solution, and this will be the day when I could find the time and space to see beyond two days, to see further that the time of today,  I think that the my illness can be cure with this mental power of organizing my self priorities. I can first work with the will of my mind to cure all the illness of my poor body, I am sure of that, that's way I am writing on it, to confirm by myself and to transmit this to the other people who are readying at this sick, maybe they are willing to know this: the sickness of the body could be cure with the spirit of the mind, with the secrets that are still hidden inside us. That's way I decided to do not port glasses and to deal with my daily exercises without saying not, and I hope that this little writing tought could be received and digest by the profit of your own.

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